27.OctI miss my old me …

Tuesday, 1:27 pm Life is so short 4 Comments

I really miss my randomness, planning is taking over my whole life … laisssh!

27.OctSwine Flu, maybe not!

Tuesday, 11:00 am Life is so short 6 Comments

Last week I got a very bad case of the flu it kept me from work for a week and half, it might have been swine flu as that’s what the drs suspected but I was never tested so will never know! I’ve never had the flu before so I don’t know how it feels. I had a fever of 39 degrees for 4days, wet cough, blocked nose, bad headache and fatigue lasting for a week . On the 6th day I decided to go to the lab because I felt better, finally a friend managed to find me someone who would test me. They took a nose swab it was really scary I don’t know how I had the guts to do it! It came out negative I guess I recovered or never had it … I was so relieved I could see my son at last, my husband didn’t like the idea but I couldn’t resist being away for a whole week I was in isolation!

11.Maymidlife crisis

Monday, 10:54 am Life is so short 4 Comments

I don’t feel like blogging or facebooking and I don’t feel like doing anything for a while now. I think I’ve hit my midlife crisis barkooli ;p

15.AprMy son’s worst school interview

Wednesday, 9:14 am School 17 Comments

I’m back just to post about AIS and it’s not good. My son didn’t pass their impossible to answer questions, not that I liked the school it just bothered me that I didn’t see the signs before. I felt there was no place for my son from the start, they only went ahead with the interview so they can take our 25 kd interview fee.

They expected A LOT from my 3yr old son. I know my son gets distracted easily, I guess it’s normal with all kids my son’s age so it shouldn’t be a reason at all. He answered all his colours, shapes and numbers, in spite of him being ill, and that wasn’t enough for them. They wanted him to hop on one foot, he tried to, lost balance, his other foot came down. Plus he wasn’t able to draw a girl or boy, how many 3yr olds can draw? I still can’t draw! My cousin who is 10yrs, goes to AIS still doesn’t know how spell simple words!

The worst thing about all of this was the interviewer she had a strict face on her, she didn’t smile, very impatient, kept looking at her watch as though we were wasting her time, and to top all of this, her accent didn’t sound so great! I didn’t feel it was fair but thanks to God he wasn’t accepted in their school, I don’t want my son to be around such stuck up people.

14.AprI don’t want to quit

Tuesday, 11:22 am Life is so short 3 Comments

I’m not taking care of this blog but I’m just away until things clear up lol 😉

12.FebLooking for a school

Thursday, 12:03 pm School 20 Comments

Registration has started almost everywhere for the next term. I haven’t made up my mind yet on where to enroll my son. He turns 4yrs in August.

My options are:

AIS: School building is very old and it needs major renovation. I took a tour around the KG department. I noticed their KG teachers were not Americans but everyone was super friendly. I loved the fact that the school offers IBO which is a great move.

Registration fee is 30 KD. School fees: KG 1 1936 KD.

Tel: 22255155

ASK: School provides amazing facilities, it’s so huuuuge. I loved it in so many ways. The lady who showed us around knew what she was doing. Problem is their fees are ridiculous. I would so love my kid to go there.

School fees: KG 1 2410 and KG 2 2545 KD.

Tel: 22664341

BSK: They didn’t let us look around, and we’ll have to wait until March to apply his papers. We need an appointment as well to look around.

School fees: 2215 KD.

Tel: 25621701/25622701

KES: I was told over the phone that I would be able to look around without a prior appointment turns out we’re not allowed! I didn’t like their admin. lady, she’s not a friendly type of person. Plus I was told my son would be on the waiting list. I can still hand in his application form and no registration fees so I think I’ll give it a try.

School fees: 1315 KD.

Tel: 25655216/25655208/25622392

It’s such a hard decision for us. I know my way around a British system and that’s why I wanted to consider British schools at first but I’m kinda liking American schools now. What worries me is they’re going to be different to what I’m used to and I’ll be doing the teaching in the end. I really hope I don’t teach, I suck at teaching!

26.JanNot a good day for me

Monday, 10:31 am Life is so short 3 Comments

I had high expectations from her. She let me down …